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Our Process

  •  Free Consultation
  • Availability 7 Days a week
  • Level of Care Evaluation**
  • Guidance, Support and Education
  • Qualified and Diverse Network Search
  • Personal Residence Tours
  • Assistance in Negotiating Low Rates
  • Resources for Assistance in Identifying Entitlement Benefits.
  • After placement, we continue to monitor their progress, follow up with their families, and address any questions to ensure complete satisfaction with the quality of care provided by the residence of their choice.

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​​**Arizona Licensing requirements for long-term care residences are divided into three categories:

​​Supervisory Care: Medication management and administration, meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, special dietary needs, and more.

Personal Care: Minimum to moderate assistance with the client’s activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and more.

Directed Care: Total or maximum assistance with all or most aspects of the activities of daily living; mobility and transferring assistance, incontinence assistance, diabetes management, tube feeding, catheter and colostomy assistance, and more. Facilities can accommodate clients up to end of life, and they can provide specialized care such as: pain management, wound care, intravenous care, tube feeding, tracheotomy care, and more.